My Introduction “The Tester”

My name is Mohammad Alhusaini, I am from Yemen and Palestine, my pronouns are he/him/his. I am a freshman in Computer Engineering but will be transferring into mechanical engineering in the fall. I have many hobbies, I speak English and Arabic and have a fluent speaking in Spanish due to a large Hispanic community in my neighborhood. I love playing sports mainly basketball and volleyball. I played varsity volleyball throughout high school and during my junior year we won NYC high school playoffs. Although I am not that tall, I have quite a high vertical which secured me my spot as the left wing hitter. I enjoy playing video games like Minecraft, Pokémon, and Legend of Zelda, but I prioritize being outside which is why if the weather is nice, I am always on hikes or walks through the park. As a flight test engineer affiliated with the AIAA, one would play a pivotal role in the rigorous testing and evaluation of aerospace systems and technologies. This entails designing, planning, and executing flight test programs to validate the performance and safety of aircraft and spacecraft. Collaborating with multidisciplinary teams, the flight test engineers and I would analyze data collected during test flights, ensuring that the aerodynamic, structural, and propulsion components meet stringent standards. Beyond the technical aspects, they might contribute to research and development efforts, staying at the forefront of innovations in aeronautics and astronautics. AIAA provides a platform for these professionals to share insights, exchange knowledge, and stay abreast of the latest advancements in the field, fostering a community dedicated to advancing aerospace engineering and technology.

Me and my best friends exploring the Cornish Estate Ruins in Cold Spring NY